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Spring Clean Checklist

Spring Clean Checklist

As we head into Spring, it is the perfect time to dig out our cleaning supplies and treat our homes to a deep clean ready for the busy months ahead. Keep reading to hear MiniJumbuk’s helpful tip­­s and tricks.



The first step is to declutter your space. We know it's one of those tasks we keep avoiding, so it is now the perfect time to go through everything and donate or throw out things you don't use. Clutter tends to leave us feeling stressed and disorganised.


Deep Clean:

With the hard part out of the way, it is time to start cleaning! Make sure you dust every nook and cranny – even the cobwebs in the corners. Wipe down all your surfaces including the walls with a good antibacterial cleaner to leave them clean and fresh. Vacuum and mop your whole house, and you may like to take the opportunity to get out your carpet cleaner and deep clean your carpet, rugs and lounge. While they may seem clean, these areas tend to harbour a lot of dirt.


Time to clean your bedding:

Nowis the time to rejuvenate your bedding. The great thing about MiniJumbuk bedding is that it doesn’t need to be laundered often. Our wool bedding products love fresh air and sunshine. Simply air your quilt, pillow or mattress topper outside on a sunny day with a light breeze. A light spritz with our MiniJumbuk Wool Spray while airing, will help keep your bedding fresh and hygienic between washes.


When your MiniJumbuk wool bedding product does need a wash, ensure you follow the care label on your product carefully. Although most of our products can be machine washed and tumble dried at home, you need to make sure your product has plenty of room to move around freely in the washing and drying process. When cleaning larger items or dry clean only products we recommend protecting your investment by professionally laundering your items using members of the Drycleaning Institute of Australia.


Spring Clean Checklist