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The Limestone Coast Wool Range

The Limestone Coast Wool Range

MiniJumbuk has been proud to call South Australia’s Limestone Coast home for nearly 50 years. Renowned for its wide open spaces, blue skies and stunning scenery, the Limestone Coast also offers abundant fresh air, sunshine and lush, green grass – the perfect environment for producing the wool needed to fill MiniJumbuk’s much loved bedding products.


Located in a region well recognised for its wool growing capacity and founded by Don Wray, a former shearer and now Chairman, MiniJumbuk has always had a passion for wool and a strong connection to the wool industry. In 2021, MiniJumbuk achieved a long held dream - to partner with local farmers to release a quilt range filled with locally grown wool. 


A superb natural fibre, wool offers many unique characteristics that make it the ideal choice for bedding products. Soft, light and breathable, wool quilts are excellent at helping to regulate body temperature as you sleep, ensuring you enjoy a deep, relaxing sleep every night. Each MiniJumbuk quilt is carefully created and hand finished, guaranteed to meet the high standards of quality and comfort that MiniJumbuk customers expect from our products.


The Limestone Coast Wool Range


Designed to suit every sleeper through every season, the MiniJumbuk Limestone Coast Wool quilt range consists of five quilts of differing warmth.


Thermal MiniJumbuk's Thermal Wool Quilt is made for cold sleepers. Luxuriously warm yet surprisingly light, it is designed for colder climates or sleepers who really feel the cold.

Warm MiniJumbuk's Warm Wool Quilt is made for colder sleepers and winter comfort. Offering additional insulation for extra cosiness, it is created for sleepers that tend to get cold in bed.

Everyday MiniJumbuk's Everyday Wool Quilt is a great all-rounder. Naturally regulating body temperature throughout the year for total comfort across the seasons.

Cool MiniJumbuk's Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is perfect for sleepers that tend to get hot in bed. No more overheating, the combination of wool and cotton keeps sleepers cool, comfortable and dry. It’s ideal for summer or year round in warmer climates.

Super Cool MiniJumbuk’s Super Cool Wool Cotton Quilt is perfect for warm nights and hot sleepers. Ultra-light and breathable, when you want more than a sheet but less than a blanket, this is the perfect option.


LCW Quilts

Available in store or online - simply look for our distinctive Limestone Coast imagery on the pack.

The Limestone Coast Wool Range