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There is value in buying quality

There is value in buying quality

‘Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten‘ Aldo Gucci. Gucci, the former chairman of Italian high-end luxury fashion house Gucci believed that buying higher quality, better performing and longer lasting products was always better value than buying cheaper inferior products. At MiniJumbuk, we agree with his philosophy particularly when the household budget gets squeezed, people often look for more value.


Consider this when choosing your bedding - cheap sheets are uncomfortable, but worse than that, they wear out sooner and need replacing more often. It’s the same when buying a quilt, pillow or mattress topper. MiniJumbuk always places quality first when designing any product so we can deliver on the promise we make to the customer. Our Warm quilts are warm, our Cool quilts are cool and our Breathe pillows allow you face and skin to breathe while you sleep. 


Quality of sleep is important too. With over one third of our life spent sleeping, or attempting to sleep, it is important to invest in the right quality bedding. Good sleep allows your body to rest and repair, allowing you to look and feel better during the day.  Buying cheap means the quality of the product is compromised with poor quality bedding leading to poor sleep.


Consider the value proposition of buying a MiniJumbuk quilt, mattress topper, protector or pillow over time and the cost can be as little as one cup of café coffee a month. And you get to enjoy years of sleeping comfort while supporting a locally owned business proudly making Australia’s favourite wool bedding.