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What you're loving right now! Spring essentials

What you're loving right now! Spring essentials

At MiniJumbuk we believe whatever the season, wool is a great choice for bedding! This soft, breathable natural fibre has many unique properties that help to regulate body temperature as you sleep.  By balancing temperature fluctuations throughout the night, wool can help you to achieve deep, uninterrupted sleep allowing you to wake rested and feeling refreshed. 

If your spring cleaning finds a quilt, pillow or mattress topper in need of replacement, read on to find out what our MiniJumbuk customers are recommending. 

What our customers are loving right now!

Sleep Therapy Mattress Topper:

The MiniJumbuk Sleep Therapy Mattress topper is the most comfortable and luxurious mattress topper in our range. Fully reversible for year round comfort, this topper helps alleviate aches and pains, providing cushioning for hips and shoulders. 



Luxurious feel. I read another review on this product which said, in short, if you're looking for a mattress topper stop looking at all the others on offer and get this one. So I did (luckily it was on sale!) and I'm glad I did. It's superb quality and has improved our comfort hugely. Can't go wrong with this one. Katy B


A luxurious bedding product.I bought this item for an extra bit of comfort, and it has surpassed my expectations, it provides extra warmth, and it is so soft, plush and snugly underneath my linen sheets.’ Lorraine R


‘Incredibly comfortable and supportive. I've always liked a really firm mattress, but then I developed fibromyalgia and my mattress just hurt :( I tried some cheaper mattress toppers and hated them all. I thought this was going to make my mattress too soft - but it didn't!! It's incredible - so comfortable! So supportive without feeling saggy! My pain on waking is significantly less - this mattress topper has made a huge difference. Whether you spend a lot of time in bed due to chronic illness or disability, or you just want to be really comfy, I highly recommend MiniJumbuk’s Sleep Therapy!’ Ang E

Sleep Therapy  

Cool Quilt:

Filled with our patented blend of wool and cotton, the MiniJumbuk Cool Wool Cotton quilt forms part of our summer range. It is a great choice for summer as the warm weather approaches or perfect year round for hot sleepers and warmer climates.


Great quality. Currently using for hot Queensland nights. I chose this one instead of the extra cool because I like a slightly weighted doona and I also sleep in air con in summer anyway. The doona is great, I don't overheat (I am a hot sleeper), and the quality is beautiful. Even the casing of the doona feels luxurious. I think this doona will also suffice in Queensland winters.’ChelseaBRC


Perfect quilt for all seasons. I sleep cold so just put and extra throw on in the colder months. But perfect for hubby who sleeps warm. Perfect weight too.’Becwa


‘Get the perfect sleep.Sleeping cooler and wake more refreshed with this great quality. Absolutely LOVE this doona! It’s so soft and light, but warm and cosy at the same time. Highly recommended.’ RA2018

 Cool Quilt

Kids SleepCalm Pillow:

And when it comes to children, MiniJumbuk introduced the Kids SleepCalm range just for them. The washable, wool rich Kids SleepCalm pillow is available in two profiles to suit children from toddlers to teenagers.


   Kids SleepCalm 2-6

‘First big pillow.Soft fluffy pillow perfect for little necks. I don’t worry about my little one’s neck being out of alignment with this option. Really happy with the purchase.’ MaddyM


‘Washes easily. Perfect toddler pillow for my 20 month old. Height is quite flat but good for the little one, fits any standard pillowcase. Washes super easy and doesn’t get out of shape.’ Joyjoyc


   Kids SleepCalm 7+

‘Great kids pillow. My children were ready (age 7) to move from a flat pillow to something with a little more height. This was the perfect middle ground between a low-profile 'first pillow' and a 'grown-up' pillow. The quality is excellent, and the pillow breathes, so the kids don't get sweaty heads. After two months using them, I'm so pleased with our choice. They are very comfortable.’ MumOfThreeKids


‘High quality pillow for teens and petite persons. Initially on the higher side but within two sleeps the pillow relaxes to the size and height it is built for. Very satisfied with my blind purchase.’ Petite female

SleepCalm Pillows

What you're loving right now! Spring essentials