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Why we use wool and TENCEL™ in our sleepwear

Why we use wool and TENCEL™ in our sleepwear

MiniJumbuk’s superbly crafted wool quilts, pillows and mattress toppers are well known and easily recognised as Australia’s favourite bedding products, but have you seen the new range of MiniJumbuk sleepwear?

Introduced early in 2021, the MiniJumbuk sleepwear collection perfectly complements your existing MiniJumbuk products to enhance your sleep. By combining our much-loved natural fibre – wool, with an equally brilliant natural fibre – TENCEL™, we have created the gorgeously soft, light and cosy pyjamas you have always dreamt of.


So, what is so good about our blend of wool and TENCEL™?

Everybody knows, that at MiniJumbuk we love wool! Wool offers several unique properties that make it ideal for sleeping, including natural temperature regulation, breathability and comfort. TENCEL™, a cellulose fibre, sustainably derived from wood has many similar characteristics and is easily combined with other fibres to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the finished fabric. Like wool, TENCEL™ is strong and durable yet soft to touch and gentle against the skin.

With its ability to wick moisture away from the body, wool creates and maintains a microclimate against the skin. This helps to regulate body temperature throughout the night. The long, soft TENCEL™ fibres enhance the wool producing a smooth, silky fabric with exceptional softness and drape.

MiniJumbuk sleepwear, with its specially designed mix of Merino wool and TENCEL™, provides the ultimate night time indulgence. By using a blend of wool and TENCEL™, MiniJumbuk ensure your sleepwear will offer not only long-lasting performance, but supreme luxury whatever the season.