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5 quick tips to refresh your quilt

5 quick tips to refresh your quilt

Cleaning and maintaining healthy bedding and bedrooms is essential. Even if you're not prone to allergies, good hygiene will help you enjoy a healthy and peaceful sleep.

Here are five simple tips to refresh your wool quilt.


1. Open your windows
The easiest tip is to aerate your bedroom. Open your windows wide, let some air in. This freshens up the area, and helps to remove and dislodge dust and mites in your bedding. Don't just make your bed, give your quilt a good shake. If you have the time, drop the quilt near your window, in the daylight, for thirty to sixty minutes. Mites and other bugs won't appreciate it.


2. Air your quilt outside
Wool loves fresh air and sunshine, so our top tip for a fresh quilt is to air it outside on a warm breezy day. This will help to keep the wool filling healthy and rejuvenated.


3. Change your bed linen regularly
Quilt covers, sheets and pillowcases should be changed and washed at least every other week, if not weekly for optimal hygiene. During our sleep, we sweat and shed skin cells, only a regular bedding change of sheets can counter the proliferation of unwanted bugs and bacteria, while giving you a fresh, cozy and clean bed.


4. Spot clean any small stains
Rather than washing your quilt regularly we recommend airing it outside instead. Sometimes however accidents do happen and you may need to deal with the odd stain on your wool quilt. If you don't want to wash your quilt, but have a stain, the mix recommended by Woolmark for spot cleaning of most stains is as follows
Solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water.


5. Rejuvenate a quilt that has been in storage
If you are thinking of switching from your summer to winter quilt, now is a good time to remove it from storage (Tip - do not store your wool quilts for long periods of time in space saver bags as it will flatten the wool fibres). We recommend that you firstly air the quilt outside for a couple of hours. Spritzing a quilt with water and tumble drying on a low setting will rejuvenate the wool filling, ensuring the quilt is fresh and dry before you put it on your bed.