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Good sleep for good health

Good sleep for good health

When it comes to good health, good sleep is paramount. Along with exercise and diet, sleep is fundamental for a happy, healthy and balanced life. While we sleep, essential biological functions take place allowing the body to rest, repair and reset at the end of each day. Good sleep is like a ‘magic wand’ for your mind and body!


Benefits of good sleep


  • Good sleep improves emotional resilience and helps you to feel happier.
  • Good sleep benefits physical health boosting the immune system and helping to keep you well.
  • Good sleep means higher energy levels for increased alertness and ability to concentrate, reducing the likelihood of accidents and mistakes.
  • Good sleep ensures healthy physical and cognitive development in children and babies.
  • Good sleep facilitates the body’s biological functions for optimum metabolic performance, lowering the prospect of obesity and heart disease.
  • Good sleep improves memory and assists learning outcomes in both adults and children


From time to time everyone has a rough night. It’s not unusual to have a bad night’s sleep every now and then, and usually this is not a problem. The trouble begins when poor sleep becomes ‘the norm’ and the lack of quality sleep begins to affect how we feel and act in our daily life.


How to sleep better


  • Choose wool! Wool has been proven to regulate body temperature, leading to a better and more restful nights sleep.
  • Create a bedtime routine that works for you, including regular sleep and wake times.
  • Allow time to relax and unwind before bed to help your body recognise it’s time for sleep.
  • Make nutritious diet choices and exercise regularly so that you feel tired at bedtime and adjust your caffeine and alcohol intake to minimise its impact on your sleep.
  • Help train your brain for sleep by keeping your bedroom for sleep and intimacy. Ensure that your bed is comfortable and leave phones, computers and TVs elsewhere.
  • Don’t lie in bed trying to sleep - go to another quiet dark room and do something quietly until you feel tired again.


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Good sleep for good health