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Your Sleep Environment

Your Sleep Environment

If you constantly have trouble sleeping and tired is simply a way of life, maybe it is time to have a good long look at your sleep environment. With sleep now considered as important to good health as diet and exercise, ensuring you achieve adequate high quality sleep should be high up on your priority list.


Is your sleep environment sabotaging your sleep? Here are some quick tips to get your bedroom back in shape for a great night's sleep every night.


Your bedroom is for sleep. Use your bedroom only for sleep - and a bit of romance! Change the way you think about this important room and ditch all other distractions. You will come to associate your bedroom only with sleep and quickly reap the benefits.


Create a soothing environment. Choose calming colours for walls, bedclothes and soft furnishings. Soft pastels and muted colours contribute to a relaxed atmosphere, as will tidying away any clothing and clutter. With your mind as clear as the bedroom floor, you will drift effortlessly off to sleep.

Devices are absolutely off the agenda. TV's, computers and phones emit blue light that overstimulate the brain when it needs to unwind and have no place in a sleep environment. However tempting, keep them out of your bedroom and even better, turn them off at least 30 minutes before lights out.


Cool, dark and quiet.For deep uninterrupted sleep these three words describe the perfect bedroom. A quiet, darkened room is conducive to good sleep, and rather than turning up the heater, the UK Sleep Council indicate that 16-180C is an ideal room temperature for sleeping.


Make the best bed you can.Given we spend nearly one third of our lives in bed, it makes sense for it to be as comfortable as we can possibly afford. Add luxury to a lumpy or uncomfortable older mattress with a new mattress topper and ensure your pillow suits your sleep style. For comfort and temperature regulation while you sleep, choose natural fibres - with no more hot and cold sweats you'll be sleeping like a baby.