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Five Reasons to Choose Wool for Your Next Quilt

Five Reasons to Choose Wool for Your Next Quilt

With so many fabric and fibre options in the bedding space, it can be overwhelming when searching the internet or stepping into a department store. We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and believe wholeheartedly that wool is the perfect fibre for a quilt – not only for use in the cooler months, but year-round.


MiniJumbuk crafts its full range of Quilts, Mattress Toppers, Protectors and Pillows in Naracoorte from Australian Wool, even going so far as sourcing wool within the region for it’s Limestone Coast Range. We believe Australian wool is the best wool available, with properties that enhance your sleep.


Why do we think wool is better than any other available fibre or fabric? That’s easy.


  1. Wool is both warm and cool. Wool is able to react to changes in body temperature, helping you keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Studies from the University of Sydney show that wool helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot.
  2. Wool manages your temperature as you sleep. A wool quilt helps to manage your body temperature as you sleep - no more hot and sweaty or cold and clammy! The breathability of wool creates a comfortable sleeping temperature, so you can benefit from deeper, uninterrupted sleep every night.
  3. Wool has a natural loft. When combined with MiniJumbuk’s unique and patented Airlight Technology, the springy nature of wool fibres provide natural elasticity, offering a comfort and resilience that provides a loft that is ideal for a quilt.
  4. Wool is environmentally friendly. The fleece of a sheep, wool is an all-natural, renewable fibre that is long lasting and extremely durable. Best of all, wool is also biodegradable. After giving years of sleeping comfort, a wool quilt will not contribute to landfill but will break down, returning valuable nutrients to the soil.
  5. Wool is anti-allergenic and resists dust mites and bacteria. The scales that coat the wool fibres minimise floating dust, capturing and holding particles until they are vacuumed away. The waxy fibre structure creates an unpalatable environment for dust mites and bacteria growth, making wool a good choice for asthma and allergy sufferers.


But don’t take our word for it – read reviews from thousands of happy MiniJumbuk customers here who enjoy their wool bedding every night!

Five Reasons to Choose Wool for Your Next Quilt