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The Process - Sheep's back to wool quilt

The Process - Sheep's back to wool quilt

Lovers of great sleep know our secret - that sleeping under a MiniJumbuk wool quilt offers a night of rest like no other. Our wool quilts are lightweight and luxurious, providing natural warmth and comfort all night. After hours of deep, uninterrupted slumber you wake ready to face the world with a smile, restored and completely refreshed. But not all lovers of great sleep know where our quilts come from or how they are made.


Happy sheep

Much of the wool that goes into a MiniJumbuk Limestone Coast Wool quilt is sourced around Naracoorte, South Australia. The lush green paddocks of the Limestone Coast region provide the perfect climate for happy healthy sheep to produce the soft, white and resilient wool needed for a MiniJumbuk quilt.


Shearing and Cleaning

At shearing time, this wool is carefully removed from the sheep. The raw fleeces are baled for easy transport to Michell Wool in South Australia. Where the wool is washed and cleaned from natural grease and lanolin removed.


Airlight Technology™ process

First stop for the clean wool is the ‘openers’ where the wool is fluffed up and any dust or remaining impurities are removed. Next, the wool is carded, detangling the wool fibres in preparation for the Airlight Technology process. This innovative wool processing system creates ultra-fine webs of wool that are layered into wool batts and become the fill that is the secret to MiniJumbuk’s beautifully warm, yet super light quilts.



Ensuring consistent quality and size, all MiniJumbuk quilts are constructed on frames. Soft cotton casing is pinned to the frame encasing the wool fill. The frame is passed to the quilting table where machine stitching is applied to hold the wool fill firmly in place. Guaranteeing the highest quality standards are met, the quilts are individually hand finished. Each quilt is bound, undergoes a final quality inspection and is packed.
Boxed and ready for sale, the journey from the sheep’s back to MiniJumbuk quiltis complete. All that remains is for you to grab one and enjoy the healthy sleep that started with a happy sheep!