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As a new mum, the importance of a good night’s sleep reaches an entirely new level. Waking several times every night for up to 45 minutes each feed, only emphasises the need for quality sleep. Having added a MiniJumbuk Luxury+ mattress topper to her bed, this new mum discovered how simple it is to improve the quality of your sleep, no matter how little you are getting.

Waking tired each morning and battling through the day was all part of the joy of the motherhood, or so she thought. The addition of a multi-layer wool topper converted her bed into a “soft yet supportive cloudlike paradise”. Sleep came more quickly and she woke feeling fresher and more rested, even on the nights that her bub took longer to settle. Measuring her sleep quality both with and without the topper showed her sleep quality rose a visible 5% from 87 to 92%. 

Having experienced this noticeable development in the quality of her sleep simply by adding a wool topper to her bed, this new mum was keen to recommend it to her friends and family. “The five layer cushioning made a huge difference to both my sleep quality and my overall comfort, it further protects our mattress and the fact that it is reversible, between its wool and cotton layers makes it perfect for summer and winter.”

The Minijumbuk Luxury+ mattress topper literally turned this new mum’s dreams to reality. To find out more about MiniJumbuk’s handcrafted Australian wool mattress toppers and how they can improve your sleep quality visit our mattress topper product page







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